In order to organise this huge number of paintings into a sensible format we have listed these artworks in chronological order, with one hundred included in each page. You will therefore find his earliest paintings listed on this page, and it provides a visual indication of the style of his work in the earliest period. One can even track his stylistic changes over time by examining the other pages of his work. You will also discover batches of work related to a single town across France, as Monet would often produce several pieces whilst visiting somewhere for a short period. Others might then follow on shortly after from the comfort of his studio, via hand drawings made at the time. Aspects that changed over time across his career included colour choices and also the levels of lighting and, of course, the types of content that he covered.

Honfleur and Saint-Adresse appear several times here, as the artist moved around the country in search of inspiration for his work. You maybe surprised to find a number of still life paintings in his early work, but it must be remembered that at this time Monet would not have been aware of his later devotion to the landscape genre, and so he would experiment much more in these earlier periods. This is the case for most artists as they find ways to experiment and try out different things to see what works best. It is only then later that certain works receive particular praise that they find their main artistic direction. Monet was able from an early age to produce highly realistic depictions of all manner of different objects, and this underlines his strong technical training, but later on was where his own emotions would start to play a key role in shaping each artwork.

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