The painting was part of paintings that Monet did during his later years seeking to inspire a younger generation of the time. The painting was done in the year 1885. The painting followed Monet’s impressionist painting technique and his usual heavy brushstroke.

These paintings that Monet did in his later years are held in high regard due to their exquisiteness, considering that Monet’s eyesight was deteriorating at the time he was doing these paintings. The string of floral paintings Monet did in his later years had focused on a small area something that had not been common with his earlier paintings. Monet also captured water lilies, chrysanthemums, clematis and dandelions.

These paintings seemed to be from very deep thoughts. The paintings form a great part of Monet’s works in impressionism. They still had a high level of inclination to contrast and colour painting. The best known still life artist was Paul Cezanne, who produced famous paintings like Still Life with Apples.

White Azaleas in a pot just like the name depicts images of a bunch of Azalea flowers in a pot and other one growing on the side. The images take a bigger part of the canvas. This is unique of this painting as Monet had a habit of letting the background always overshadow the images.

These paintings seem to pay more attention to the beauty of the flower while still concentrating on the colour and contrast. Floral painting provided Monet with a good painting niche with regard to his interest in contrast and colour painting.

This is because flowers are very colourful. White Azaleas in a pot seems to be deeply thought and seems to depict a theme of a journey well travelled. As part of the pieces Monet did to provide inspiration to a younger generation, these painting was a great balance between impressionist painting and the academic painting guidelines that had been there before.

Monet had had a stint in the military and stationed in Algeria for some time. He was later discharged on account of his health. On return from Algeria, he studied with Charles Gleyre. Charles helped him to meet other painters such as; Auguste Renoir, Alfred Sisley, and Frederic Bazille.

As a young painter, he had received pointers from landscape painter Barthold Jongkind. Together with Auguste Renoir, Alfred Sisley, and Frederic Bazille, they started an exhibition for their impressionism works and went ahead to promote and popularize impressionist painting. Monet also drew inspiration from other modern painters of his time such as Manet, Degas, and Caillebotte.

Monet's work in impressionist painting was wide and diverse. He did quite handful paintings that are full of acclaim even to date. Among his notable paintings are the Saint Lazare train station series. The painting depicts a locomotive arriving one of the most popular train station in France, the Saint Lazare train station in Paris, in a cloud of smoke. This painting has received a lot of acclaim as one of the greatest paintings of Monet's time.

Another popular painting by Monet is the Water-lilies series. This series consisted of 250 pieces of oil on canvas paintings. It has received a lot of acclaims worldwide with one of the pieces being bought for 80 million dollars at an auction in 2008. The series was painted around the same time as the White Azaleas in a pot. It is also one of the paintings that Monet did with an eyesight problem.