It forms part of work of impressionism. Vase of tulips had the characteristic appearance of all of Monet's impressionism works.

It contained his signature heavy brushstrokes. At the time of painting Vase of Tulips, Monet had already and others had already established impressionism as an acceptable technique. It has already gained popularity and favour amongst people as compared to earlier while he was starting painting.

Vase of Tulips is, therefore, part of the very popular Monet’s works. Vase of tulips was intended to inspire a young generation of painters at the time. Considering the backlash Monet had received when starting his impressionist painting endeavours, he would have easily reverted to the conventional academic painting. (One of the most famous academic painters was William-Adolphe Bouguereau.)

As such he did Vase of tulips as an inspirational piece to young painters wanting to take up impressionist painting. The painting still had a strong focus towards colour and contrast.

Monet was in his later years when he painted the vase of tulips. The painting many others he had done before had a stronger focus on the colour and contrast as compared to the image. The Vase of tulips was part of paintings Monet did in his later years, which had less focus area are compared to most of his paintings that had a very large area of focus. See also his Tulip Fields landscape painting.

The image of the thriving tulips and a rather dull background seems to work well with the inspiration notion. Monet was seeking to inspire with this painting. The painting depicts a theme of surviving in a place where all the odds are against survival. The inspirational message seems well advanced through this painting. The painting is a perfect example of Monet’s characteristic painting technique which he had developed and used over a couple of decades.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Camille Pissarro, and Alfred Sisley are artists that Monet worked with to advance and popularize the impressionist technique of painting. At the times many exhibitions rejected their paintings as a result of the being so unconventional.

The joined hands and formed an exhibition of their works to promote their unique techniques of painting. Vase of tulips was an inspirational painting. It was only fair for Monet to do an inspirational piece as he had also been inspired by a number of painters.

While starting to promote his impressionism works, Monet drew inspiration from some modern painters of the time like Manet, Degas, and Caillebotte. Monet drew inspiration from these people as an indication of trying to break away from the norm of painting at the time. He even employed some of the techniques in his works.

Monet had a lot of acclaimed impressionist paintings. Among his notable paintings was chrysanthemums painted in 1897. Also, one of his later day's paintings showed a lot of focus on finer details as compared to his earlier paintings. There was also clematis.

These paintings were phenomenal considering that they were done at a time when Monet's eyesight had been gradually deteriorating. These paintings still had the characteristic heavy brushstroke Monet like to employ in his paintings. Another notable painting by Monet was The Gare-Saint Lazare.

This was part of the series of painting of a locomotive arriving at the Saint Lazare train station in Paris. The train station is a very popular one even to date. The painting was a has been long a reference point when it comes to impressionist painting.