This pastel on paper measures 21cm x 29.2 cm and is currently held in a private collection. Monet's work within this medium has only recently received media interest, when previously it was only his oil paintings that received exposure.

Any art lover would tell you that Claude Monet is no new name across the art world. The diversity of his landscape paintings and his pastel techniques helped create a story and art that spoke volumes about what he felt.

His one of a kind style of painting, is what made him an influential figure when it came to impressionist figure.

The very best of his works included sunrise, the water lilies series, the road, and the house. What exactly made his paintings famous on a global platform? Especially the road and house painting. The answer would be the pastel techniques he applied while drawing the road and the house art.

Pastel method is where a painter tries to create a balance between the ease of drawing with a moderately high overhead of creating bright oil colours for painting through the open air. Claude Monet was the inventor behind the pastel technique. His pastel creations received more recognition as compared to his previous chalk and pencil drawings.

For Monet, the pastel technique served best in capturing the landscapes and scenes he saw while on the move. The application of the pastel method on the road and house painting allowed him to draw every different angle of the view. The emergence of the pastel technique on the road and the house art led to his very first impressionist exhibition.

Claude Monet was a lover of the beautiful landscapes nature had to offer. His love for creation was the primary inspiration behind every artistic drawing and painting he created. With the use of his pastel technique, he came up with a beautiful landscape picture of the road and the house.

The road and the house drawing may not have a specific history behind it other than his love for drawing nature at its very best. However, it is undeniable that the road and pastel drawing was indeed a wonder to behold.

The general theme behind the road and the house drawing was a landscape scene. Claude Monet depicted a beautiful landscape of a road leading to a house. By the side of the road, some trees grew and they made the view unique.

Being among the very first drawings to use the pastel technique, Claude ensured he captured every detail of the lovely landscape he saw on his many visits. He later referred to his landscape drawing as the road and the house drawing. Other famous landscape drawings that did arise from his love of nature, were the Lilies series from his lily garden collection, the haystack series, and the famous parliament series. Each series depicted his respect for creation in a significant manner.