Monet had gone to visit his son Jacques Hoschede who had married a Norwegian woman and lived in Christiania. This area gave him a great opportunity to experiment with lighting. He enjoyed visiting various sites around the Christiania area.

This is the time he did a couple of landscape paintings including the Mount Kolsaas Norway. He likened the mountain to Mt Fuji of Japan which he had learned about in his reading endeavors. The trip to the Scandinavian region gave him a good opportunity to paint a different setting from what he had been used to.

Monet was taken by his son to an artist’s colony in the south of Christiania in the fjordside village of Sandvika. Mount Kolsaas Norway still had the characteristic impressionist painting style that was synonymous with Monet.

Mount Kolsaas Norway also features the characteristic heavy brushstroke and inclination towards color and contrast. At the time of doing this painting, Monet was experimenting with light and Christiania area provided a good setting for the same. The artists in the area were intrigued with Monet’s prowess and passion as he was painting even in very chilly conditions.

Mount Kolsaas Norway futures the image of the mountain. It pays great attention to the mountains and the background is a bit reserved. The painting seems like an endeavor of trying out new things. The painting is part of Monet’s landscape paintings collection.

Monet had been quoted saying "This country is undoubtedly infinitely more beautiful without snow, or at least when there isn’t so much of it." The painting of the mountain, therefore, seems like an attempt to uncover the beauty of the countryside of that region which was covered by snow.

The most famous artist to have come from Norway remains Edvard Munch.

Over the course of his impressionist painting career, Monet worked with various notable painters. He worked with Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Camille Pissarro, and Alfred Sisley to launch impressionist painting exhibitions. They did their first exhibition in 1874 and the paintings exhibited left a lasting impression on many people. He also took note and borrowed a leaf from landscape painters such as John Constable and Joseph Mallord William Turner. Monet had also been a student of Charles Gleyre in art school. He also drew inspiration from some modern painters of his time such as Morisot, Renoir and Degas.

Monet Managed to paint a lot of artwork over his painting career. Some of his paintings are held in very high regard even to date. Among his most Notable Paintings is the Gare Saint Lazare. The painting which was part of the Saint Lazare train station series was breathtaking. The painting futures one of the most popular train stations in Paris, the “Saint Lazare Train Station.” Monet painted the image of a locomotive arriving at the station amid heavy clouds of smoke. The mastery exhibited in this painting has received a lot of acclaims.

Another notable painting was the Water Lilies series of paintings. The paintings consisted of 25 pieces of paintings. The paintings are so popular that one of them fetched a whopping 80 million dollars at an auction in 2008. The paintings consisted of carefully structured images of different types of water lilies. At the time of doing this painting, Monet’s eyesight was not health, an aspect that makes the painting even more phenomenal.