The painting features his first son Jean, born in 1867, who was five-year-old by then in the family home garden rented in Argenteuil near Paris. Claude Monet kept the painting, and never exhibited it, throughout his life.

Monet's work is an accurate reflection of his life experiences both positive and negative.

From the paint display, there is no doubt that the artist had a unique way of sharing his life story through art. As he used to say I can only draw what I see.

This art piece was influenced by human nature, society and life experience that Claude together with his young family had to go through. First, they moved from Paris to Gloton to dodge creditors and seek affordable housing.

But later after serious struggles from lack of money, Jean falling sick, he later managed to get money to pay rent for his family in Le Havre.

The painting, therefore, shows the feeling of freedom and peace that Claude family enjoyed in the Argenteuil garden after returning to France from refuge where they fled to during the Franco-Prussian Fight.

Claude Monte was the founder of impressionism which was later adopted by other artists. The use of the technique has made paints to include light colors, visible brushstrokes, unusual viewable angles, ordinary subject matter, open composition and emphasis on light in its shifting qualities.

Landscape painting is one of the methods that has been used in the paint to achieve the following effects. Heightened appreciation: painting landscape displays a heightened appreciation of the natural globe. It allows you to view the world more closely and to understand its intricacies and more excellent points.

Getting Outdoors: several landscape painters opt to practice Plein air painting, just like Claude went outdoors to paint this famous painting.

Exploring colors: the artist has used all sort of colors that make up the natural world to make his paint standout up to date. The landscape painting allows you to use the new range of colors to finish your masterpiece.

Emotional connection: landscaping paintings have the potential to arouse emotions which makes it be both calming and soothing.

The technique of outdoors paints, landscaping, and impression has come a long way on how arts could be created to meet the needs or demands of the targeted viewers.

Interestingly, landscaping and impression of which are the pillar, continue to be one of the most effective artistic movement in the creative arena. This is evidence of various widespread consumption in the form of calendars, postcards, and posters.

In fact, these techniques are now considered the basis for all of the current and contemporary art, and therefore, quintessential to almost any traditional survey. But the good news is that Monet's painting commands high rates at auctions while some are rendered priceless. Interestingly, Jean Monet on his Hobby Horse paint can be found in every major museum worldwide.