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Water Lilies, or Nympheas, is a topic of painting that has become possibly the best known from all of Monet's career, even ahead of his Haystacks series, portraits of Madame Monet and his series of cityscapes around London. The qualities of this series was the natural beauty of the topic in combination with Claude Monet's skills in lighting and detail and also the variety in positions for each work across the series.

Few realise that the artist actually went as far as producing 250 different paintings on this topic with sketches and study pieces also very common as he sought new angles all the time on an existing idea. The sheer number of paintings from this series mean that anyone can find one that suits exactly their taste and requirements whilst they are also spread all around the world, offering most of the world the opportunity to atleast see a few from the series. The best collections remain in America, UK and Monet's native France.

The international reputation on the artist and this series means that the paintings rarely come up for sale, but most recently Le bassin aux nympheas sold for over £40 million at Christie's in London back in 2007. This remains a record for any work from this series up to the present day, though other major sales have also been made since at Sotheby's auctions, also in London.

Those looking to see some of the original paintings in all their glory will be pleased to discover that many are held in collections of major art galleries rather than privately, and as such as regularly displayed. Reflections of Clouds on the Water-Lily Pond is perhaps the finest in display currently, measuring an impressive 200cm × 1,276 cm. It can be found at the Museum of Modern Art, New York City.

Claude Monet was one of the very first artists to display series of paintings on the same topic together to underline different findings that he would make during his work, most commonly that of light and time and their influence on art.

Monet was an artist who brought a new way of thinking, but he was not without influences himself. Eugène Boudin, Johan Jongkind and Gustave Courbet are generally accepted as being three artists who had the most impact on his development and ideas at an early age.

The colours and style of the impressionists represents a very important stage in the development of western art and Claude Monet continues to be regarded as the Godfather of the whole movement, as well as one of the finest contributors to it. His most celebrated achievements include the Waterlilies series as well as Haystacks, Impression, Sunrise, Rouen Cathedral series, London Parliament series and Poplars.

The London Parliament series was part of a larger output during Monet's spell in London, UK whose architecture interested him with several key buildings placed over the River Thames.

Monet was able to produce such a large number of paintings of lily ponds because he created his own garden specifically for the purpose in Giverny, France. This carefully designed garden featured plenty of great subjects for Monet to feature in his paintings and the easy accessiblity of a back garden enabled the artist to cover each topic from different angles and at different times.

The Waterlilies series, with all it's different colours and lighting make it an excellent selection of paintings that are ideal for those looking to buy art for their own homes. The purples, blues and greens make his original paintings ideal as art print reproductions, stretched canvases, handmade oil paintings, giclee prints and posters.

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Besides those featured as images within this homepage, other famous paintings from the Monet Waterlilies series of paintings include Water Lilies, 1920-1926, Water-Lily Pond, c.1915-1926, Sea-Roses (Yellow Nirwana), 1920, Water Lilies, 1919, Water Lilies, 1917-1919, Water-Lily Pond and Weeping Willow, (1916-19), Nymphéas reflets de saule (1916-19), Nympheas, 1916, Water Lilies, 1916, White and yellow Water Lilies, (1915 -1917), Nympheas, 1915, Water-Lilies, 1914-1917, Nympheas, 1915, Water Lilies, 1908, Water-Lilies, 1908, Water Lily Pond, 1908, Water Lilies, 1907 and Water Lilies, 1906.

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